5/6 Amsterdam

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5/6はFw:を主宰するハンス・グレメンとROMA Publicationsを主宰するロジャー・ウィレムス、彼らと一緒に仕事をしているオランダ在住の樋口さんを訪れた。


右がFw:のハンス・グレメン。左がROMA Publicationsのロジャー・ウィレムス。

5/6 Amsterdam

Business trip to the Netherlands starting May 5th. This time I`ll be traveling to Amsterdam, Paris and Cologne.
May 6th, I went to see Ayumi Higuchi, who lives in the Netherlands and works with Hans Gremmen, the chairperson of Fw: and Roger Williams, the chairperson of ROMA Publications.
I already had a trade with Fw: and ROMA Publications but this was my first time to actually meet them. We had lunch in their office and as I explained about the book and asked for an interview, they kindly accepted my offer. Also, I was able to hear about their new book and book project that is planned to be published, which I couldn't of knew if I didn't meet them in person. The interview in their own words will be a contents to understand a part that we cannot see just from the photo books made by each of them. (Nakajima)

On the right: Hans Gremmen,  Fw: /  Left: Roger Williams, ROMA Publications